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Looking for Hot Wheels Toys in Albany, NY? The Treasure Hunt Turns Up Gold at Heroes Hideout!

Very few items speak of fine quality and meticulous attention to detail like Hot Wheels toys. Very few speak to our childhood epic adventures, or current ones for that matter. At Heroes Hideout we’re happy to contribute to your miniature car memorabilia with our vast assortment of Hot Wheels car toys, race tracks and gift sets.


Not only are they a fun toy and car collector’s favorite, but they can be highly valuable, and offer the possibility of multiplying the fun thanks to their customizable design. From the most classic of models, to contemporary designs with the rarest combinations of colors and materials, you are sure to find the right one at our store.

Die-Cast Toys for Die-Hard Fans

Nowadays, it’s commonplace to find low-quality replicas of Hot Wheels toys on the streets. Heroes Hideout is a trusted and reliable seller of original Hot Wheels cars to be proudly displayed on your shelf and conventions.


And remember it’s not just about the cars! At our store you’ll find customizable race tracks to guarantee a smooth surface for your Hot Wheels to shift while preventing scratches and damages to the body paint.

Get Those Wheels Turning!

Collect those cars to your heart’s content. If you’re interested in starting a Hot Wheels collection, now’s the best time to do it. Join our community of collectors and receive updates on our earliest drops, discounts and sales, so you can grab your Hot Wheels toys and racetracks before they’re gone. 


We offer a monthly gift-card giveaway to thank our loyal customers and give them the chance to indulge in their favorite fandoms through our toys and collectibles, or share the love with their friends and family. Heroes Hideout Club, Assemble!  


You can also find our stores in:


  • Lake George, NY
  • Holyoke, MA  

Don’t forget to check out our mighty inventory!

What clients think about us

  • B.Z. Hooligan Avatar
    B.Z. Hooligan
    - Google

    Best Toy Store around. Friendly workers. Great atmosphere. And they always have the newer stuff that was recently released.

    Philip Jun Avatar
    Philip Jun
    - Google

    Cool little store with alot of goodies
    Definelty worth a look around

    Freakin' Shelly Avatar
    Freakin' Shelly
    - Google

    Very knowledgeable pleasant staff. Bought cool toys. If you are an adult "kid" like me check it out!

    Mark Brodeur Jr Avatar
    Mark Brodeur Jr
    - Google

    Love this store! By far best place to go for Funko collecting!

  • L.A.P Coins Avatar
    L.A.P Coins
    - Google

    The workers were super helpful and helped me find exactly what I needed. They were super friendly. The store is very clean and it is easy to find everything. Definitely... read more

    B Mullin Avatar
    B Mullin
    - Google

    Heroes Hideout always does a good job with the meet and greet Autograph signing events.

    Patricia V Avatar
    Patricia V
    - Google

    Super awesome spot for all the best heroes. Brendon is fantastic

    Patricia Villano Delaney Parker Avatar
    Patricia Villano Delaney Parker
    - Google

    Super awesome spot for all the best heroes. Brendon is fantastic

  • Anthony De La Cruz Avatar
    Anthony De La Cruz
    - Google

    Hands down the best Funko store I have ever been to. Endless amount of new funko pops, old common pops, and exclusive pops. Weekly Sunday drops always have new and... read more

    Sean Trackey Avatar
    Sean Trackey
    - Google

    By far my favorite toy store in the world. The owner is so knowledgeable and considerate. He works hard at bringing people what they want. He has so many meet... read more

    Lasean Gary
    - Google

    So excited to see them in my backyard

    andy Kirk
    - Google

    Very helpful